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While I'm proud of the achievements and skills you'll see throughout my site, what you can't get a sense of is what makes me me.


Here's a brief intro to me. 

Growing up

I was born and raised in a small West Midlands, UK village.

When people outside the UK ask where I'm from, I typically say, "about three hours north of London." 

My parents were working class. But their aspirations for their family knew no bounds. 

My father lived in Australia for most of his formative years, and with that, he passed down a thirst for exploring - for putting myself in new, unfamiliar surroundings. 

I've been raised as a hard worker, a learner with a never-ending curriculum, and an open-mindedness that allows me to go beyond doing what everyone else has always done. 

Moreton on Lugg

Moreton on Lugg, Hereford, West Midlands, UK

Studying at the University of Reading

Studying at local Herefordshire schools from 6-18, I favored English, History, Law, and Politics. 

These subjects allowed me to appreciate the importance of telling a story. Stories rely on inspiration from the past, data, our environment, and more. But without the ability to capture the imagination of our audience (written or verbal), we may as well be shouting into the void. 

My heart told me that Law was my direction (Dad certainly agreed.) But, fate had other ideas. 

Studying at the University of Reading in undergraduate Law (LLB) gave me the opportunity to meet people from all backgrounds and learn skills that help me stand out among my peers today.

From cheese and wine soirees to debates and mock court cases, it was here that I found my voice and ability to build coherent, compelling arguments. 

But it was clear that practicing as a Solicitor or Barrister wasn't what I wanted from my career.

Foxhill house, Reading

Countless hours were spent at Foxhill House, the offices of the University of Reading's Law school while studying my LLB.

Gap year and volunteering

Coming out of university without knowing what you want to do is tough, but typical. All I had to my CV was that and summer work experience as an assistant to my Dad at his cellar technician company. That's not the best start to your CV.

Not enough is said about how hard it is to leave education and land on your feet. I didn't.

Argos, B&Q, IKEA, Asda, Pizza Hut, and many more applications were sent out - none successful (but I did have an eye-opening "free" shift at a clown-mascot fast food restaurant.) 

So, like any good student, I decided to take a gap year and volunteer at a local charity while I applied for a postgraduate degree in Law (LLM).

After much heartache, I landed a role at a Sainsbury's store. And, despite all the money spent on my education, here is where I found who I was and appreciated that everyone adds value in an organization - literally on the shopfloor upward.


I'll forever be grateful to the hiring manager for giving me a chance when no one else would.

Postgraduate degree and ASIRT

I gained real "life" experience during the gap year, but that wasn't the end. 

My LLM introduced me to a global peer group - learning new cultures and developing more critical skills in presenting and copywriting (including a unique module around creative writing where I wrote about the demonization of "other" in the UK.)

While studying for my LLM at the University of Warwick, volunteering at a local charity, and working at Sainsbury, I took the opportunity to give back to my community and those who need the most help.

The Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team was one of the most critical moments in my 20s. Caring for the desolate, the helpless, and the downtrodden taught me the importance of empathy and selflessness. 

While I won't talk about the stories of people I supported, I am proud of the work that ASIRT does - for more; please visit

Getting into marketing 

Ask most, and they'll admit they "fell into" marketing. It doesn't really matter how we get into a career; what's important is what we do with that. 

My start came through a friendship and an opportunity to shadow a Head of Marketing.

From there, I worked with Business Development Managers, ex-journalists, Product Managers, ex-teachers, ex-engineers, and people from all backgrounds. 

From stocking flyers and setting up event stands to managing teams and presenting strategies to Analysts and the Cx, I've done a lot, quickly. 

But I don't and won't forget my start - it keeps me motivated, empathetic, and willing to do what many others won't. 

How my CV started

We all start from somewhere. And coming out of postgraduate studies, this is all I had to my name.

Inspiration and the fun things in life

What inspires me? 

People who are courageous and leaders show what it takes to inspire others. 

I gravitate to US media mogul Ted Turner with his can-do attitude. Marcus Sheridan stands out as a pioneer of inbound. Hubert Joly brings meaning to strategy. Neil Patel knows content marketing inside out. Rand Fishkin continuously innovates around SEO. My Dad inspired me to be all I could be.

These people inspire me to be better.

What about the fun things in life? 

Weightlifting gets me out of bed at 5 am (though there was a slight detour with an Achilles snap.) Soccer was my first love - Manchester United. Motor racing - Formula One and Le Mans - is a staple of every year. Reading keeps me learning. Walking keeps me happy.

And, if you ask enough, I'll tell you about creating dance music in my early 20s. 

Vince Milsom

Vince Milsom was my hero as a child. While he passed in 2020, my father remains my inspiration for being the best version of me - in and out of work.

Ups and downs

One question I always ask when I speak to colleagues, recruiters, and mentors is about my CV.

Short bursts and returning to companies.

The good news is that there's an explanation for everything. No workplace is perfect.

I have been made redundant twice early in my career, lived through three consultations in other organizations, and worked in challenging conditions.

But these experiences have made me better. There's a reason cliches exist. That mentality has led me back to two organizations because I leave no bridges burned and know that when doors close, others open. 

From an eager eighteen-year-old at college to the person you see today, I'm proud of my journey and know that every day is a chance to be better, do more, and learn from yesterday.

James at College

Embarrassing? Yes. But we all start somewhere, and if I could tell this 18-year-old version of me what happened the day after passing my A Levels, he wouldn't believe me.

My Story

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