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My References

No one is successful on their own - it takes a team.


Here's who has helped me along the way. 

James Davies

Chief Product Officer

James Davies is i-nexus’ Chief Product Officer.


As an experienced software executive with 20 years of experience working in Silicon Valley, USA, James has held senior leadership roles in three venture capital-backed software start-ups (including CEO, CPO, and Chairman). He has delivered management consulting services to the world’s largest technology companies.

He's been instrumental in my ability to gain executive-level acumen and develop critical thinking skills beyond Marketing. 

At i-nexus, I report directly to James, meaning I have a mentor with invaluable experience in SaaS, and one that encourages me to pursue new routes and grow not only as a business leader but as a person.

Richie Saville

Chief Technical Officer

Richie Saville is Multiversant's CEO.


As a CEO and CTO, Richie has over 25 years of experience designing, implementing, and deploying custom products and solutions for large enterprise customers in Europe, the US, and Asia.

His executive experience includes setting strategic direction and roadmaps, resource planning, sales forecasting, fundraising, product innovation and development. Richie has worked with global organizations that include Warwick Manufacturing Group, ARM, Qinetiq, IBM, British Telecom, Cranfield University, the University of Surrey, Jaguar Land Rover, and Sheffield AMRC.

Richie has been key in allowing me to work directly with tech CEOs, especially those in their start-up phase, alongside offering invaluable feedback and advice on bringing products to market.

Chris Ford

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Ford is H2 Green's Head of Marketing.

Chris has over 20 years of experience in operational and product marketing across technology and professional services. Working across the globe, he has directed marketing for companies like Sodexo, Capita, and Ordinance Survey. He also serves as a senior lecturer at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Chris taught me the importance of continual professional development in marketing. He was a driver of my undertaking of my CIM marketing diploma and remains a source of personal mentorship in addressing operational challenges and broader macro-level conversations around market forces across the industry.

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